2002 Taurus 3.0L OHV U cam synchronizer

So I set out to figure out what was wrong with my car and my mechanic wanted it put on a scope and he did not have one so I took it to the dealer and it took 3 dealers before someone would troubleshoot and it was as we thought the cam synchronizer is failing causing a P1336, before that I got misfire on #1. I found some info but not the detail I was looking for. I bought the Ford service manual in a PDF for 14$ and it is in detail. It says you need the tool Alignment Gauge, Synchronizer 303-589. I bought one of those too. These manuals are amazing. Cuts out the guesswork.I would have shared those pages but it will not allow an upload.

I believe some of the aftermarket cam synchronizers even come with a tool and instructions

Out of all the parts you dont use aftermarket on this part, and the tool is not included. My mototcraft part came from walmart and was 103$

Inexpensive o’scopes suitable for auto-diagnostic jobs like this are available for $100 or so. Hopefully the shop has already determined the problem is w/the camshaft sensor and not the crankshaft sensor. The camshaft alignment tool looks to be less than $20 online, and may be available free to rent from your auto parts retail store.

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P1336 is a Crankshaft Position Sensir code (according to online info). Why wouldn’t that be the problem?

I’ve replaced that darn Cam Synchronizer at least twice on my ‘97 Taurus. Both times it started squeaking beforehand, as that part is well known for lubrication issues.

And I didn’t use that tool either time. I just made sure the half-moon vane ended up in the same location where the old one was coming out.

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