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2003 Taurus Cam Synchronizer Chirping

Hi all,

2003 Ford Taurus, Vulcan V6 (OHV), 40k miles. I picked it up in January, occasionally I would hear a “chirp” sound with the engine running. I assumed it was the serpentine belt and replaced it. It seemed to help.

Today the chirping started once the car was warmed up. I did some research and discovered the chirp sound is a symptom of a worn synchronizer. I checked with a mechanics stethoscope and verified the chirp is coming from the area of the synchronizer.

I’m debating doing the repair myself, regardless I won’t do the repair until the weather warms up. It not my primary car, but I would still like to drive it a couple times a week. The chirping is intermittent for the moment. Am I risking anything driving it as is? Does anyone have a ballpark estimate for the repair?

Thanks in advance,

Ed B.

I think you need to buy a special tool, so that you verify the marks are set up

I have installed a fair amount of these synchros through the years and most of the time the alignment tool came with the part. You will want to make sure to replace the sensor as well. I think the risks have to do with injector timing which would affect performance somewhat. If the check engine light is out then it hasn’t came apart and taken out the sensor which means injector timing is okay.

No check engine light and the car is running fine. I stopped by my mechanic and his estimate for the part and labor was very reasonable (~220). I’ll get the repair done in the next couple of weeks.

Ed B.