Camshaft postion sensor

Hey Community just need some advice im just replaced all four of my camshaft postion sensors but now my engine starts up slowly or ticking before start up i immediately turned it off and cranked ot again and it started with no problem .my battery is about 3months old and like i said i was able to start it up on the second try with no problem .ive tightend my negative and postive connectors my car is driving great actually so I dont know what i did wrong .ive been reading and i think i made a bone head mistake when replacing my sensor i did not disconnect the battery .

what year Chevy Impala? Which engine?

Does it start slowly EVERY first time you try? or only when cold- like sitting overnight or for a couple hours?

Besides the make/model/year/engine config, another clue you could provide that might be helpful: Why did you decide to replace the cam sensors?

It’s a 2014 with a 3.6 engine it happens once when i start i turn it off restart then it starts up .i changed my sensors because bof the symptoms it was showing amd i got a code p50ce

It’s a 2014 impala and it just happened when I changed my sensors which was yesterday .it will crank and slow starr the first 2 times then I’ll again the 3rd time and its starts up perfectly .literally like I just got it no stalling nor cranking starts in anout 2sec .and my engine is runner better with my sensors changed so I’m clueless on what it can be beside maybe connection my wires are worn out

From what I see here P05ce means the ecm isn’t seeing the camshaft shift phase as much as it has been programmed. On this engine (unlike less sophisticated engines like on my cars) the ecm can vary the relationship of the camshaft phase to the crankshaft phase. It does this to optimize performance and mpg for various driving conditions e.g. ambient temperature, coolant temperature, engine knock sensor, fuel trims, etc. That particular code specifically refers to the phase of the exhaust camshaft controlling bank 1. The problem is most likely some combo of either that camshaft position sensor not sensing correctly, OR the phase actuator system not actuating correctly.

Since oil level, pressure, and cleanliness are critical to the actuator system, if I had this problem first step would be to install the old camshaft sensors then an oil and filter change, followed by measuring the oil pressure. Make sure the ecm is reading the ambient and coolant temperatures correctly & accurately as well.

Note: You said above the code was 50CE, but I’m presuming that’s a typo.

P05CE is a variable valve train fault, a camshaft is out of time, it does not indicate the camshaft sensors have failed.

This fault indicates that the bank one exhaust cam timing is off. Replace the bank one exhaust variable valve timing solenoid.

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