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96 Chevy Impala ss not so super right now

Recently the check engine light came on and coded out to the mass air flow sensor. I changed the sensor and cleared the fault code, but after doing so the car wouldn’t start. After many failed attempts to start the motor, I disconnected the positive lead at the battery and reconnected it a few minutes later. Varoom! The car started and ran smooth, however the check engine came back on and coded out to the mass air flow sensor again…I let the car continue to idle and disconnected the lead at the sensor how the motor would react; it continued to run smooth…I then reinstalled the old air flow sensor and engine continued to run great…So with all this said, car runs great when check engine is on and code is not rest, however, car will not start upon clearing the code and resetting the light…is it safe to assume the computer is going bad and needs to be changed?

I’m not the expert here, but you might need to reset the PCM (not just clear the codes) by disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes as discussed here:


What code?

P0101 . . . ?

I’ll give it a try, thanks for e help!

P0100 I believe

The P0100 code is for a problem with the sensor circuit wiring, not the sensor itself. You need to check the wiring between the sensor and the ECU for some sort of a problem.

Thanks for the help…And back to the garage I go!


Make sure the 12V and 5V reference to the sensor are good

If you want to strain your eyes, here’s something

Here’s something else, which specifically applies to your vehicle