Camry won’t move when I step on the gas

My 2018 Toyota Camry 4cyl refuses to move when I hit the gas. There is a count of two hesitation before it moves from a stop light. Toyota says this “is normal,” and is their attempt to comply with their overall gas mileage government requirement. I see on the InterWeb others have the same complain. Can this be fixed? Perhaps something in the computer? I care about the price of gas, but I’ll pay more if this can be changed to “step on the gas, car moves.” Pretty simple.

You should be able to switch off the auto stop start. Procedure should be in your owners manual, but this feature defaults to ‘on’ so must be switched off each time you use your car.
However, if your car did not do this when new it is possible your battery is not up to full capacity.

Does this vehicle have the Start/Stop function ? If so then turn it off . That does need to be turned off each time the vehicle is started.