94 Camry Startup Issue

I recently bought a 94 Toyota Camry LE station wagon with 187K miles on it. It runs great, and usually starts up perfectly. The first time I put gas in it however, it didn’t start at all right after I filled it up. I turned the key and it didn’t turn over or click or make any sound like it was trying to start. The radio and lights were working fine. I tried starting it a few times with no success, then for some reason I decided to get out of the car, lock it, unlock it, and try starting it again. It started up with no trouble at all. It continued to start up without problems, until the second time I bought gas. After putting gas in the tank the same thing happened. The electric stuff turned on, but there was no sign of the starter doing anything. So I tried locking it and unlocking the car but this time nothing worked. I pushed it home and caught a ride to work. When I came home in the evening I tried starting it and it started fine. Anyone know what’s going on here?

Some cars have an immobilizer that cuts out the fuel as an anti theft device. I suspect that somehow that is getting triggered.