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Camry Hybrid brakes

Has anyone had difficulty with the brakes on their Camry Hybrid? I have a 2007 and noticed several postings on the NHTSB web site with posters complaining about malfunctioning brakes on the 2007. Any clues to validity to these postings?

The internet is a big place. Three people out of 300,000 can suddenly look like a pattern. And most people aren’t very good at understanding the kinds of problems they are having with their cars so they think completely unrelated things are related.

So how about you post the problems that you’ve been having, and perhaps some info / links for what is on the NHSTA website, and maybe people can comment.

+1 to Cig’s post. And the more detail you’re able to give us up front is the better we’ll be able to help you.

Please post again with the details.

My guess is the OP isn’t having any problems. Just reading into others problems wondering when they will hit him/her. And If any of us have heard anything unusual about these brakes. But on the other hand if the OP is having a problem, why not just say so?

+2 to @cigroller .

I’m thinking it must have something to do with this:

Guys, I just read that thread

Scroll down to the bottom and read the comment by “Bruce”

Very interesting . . . It goes to show that high mileage cars can be expensive to keep around, especially if they’re hybrids