Lurching brakes - 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid

Has anyone reported problems with the Camry Hybrid’s brakes “lurching” in congested traffic situations?

I’d take it back to the dealer. Test drive an identical one to confirm it’s a problem with your car.

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I already did that and drove an exact same XLE Hybrid and an XE Hybrid.
Neither exhibited the “grabbing” or "lurching that my car does. Maybe we
should demand that the “Mothership” should be notified and hopefully
respond. What else can I do except lean on the LEMON LAW here in California.

The car is brand new, it does bad things that others don’t so insist that the Toyota dealer fix the car. If they won’t contact the Toyota zone office. Keep pushing it higher and higher (the internet is your friend!) and make it very uncomfortable to everyone involved. Don’t yell or scream or threaten. Make it very clear if your car isn’t fixed, you will contact their boss and then do it.

Don’t get mad, get legal help!

Was the dealership able to replicate the problem?

No, they were not able to get another Hybrid to exhibit the “grabbing”

what about your car?

Mine does the same thing and I’ve taken it twice with the same result of “we were unable to replicate it it should should buff out.” Might try another dealer or change the brakes out myself to troubleshoot.