95 camaro it has a theft system and a key that has a chip on it.somtimes it will crank run for about a second and die try about six more times itll run and can drive it.sometimes itll die and as same before six times might crank run down road good.has a 3.6 v6.but the gauges go up and down.we thought fuel pump but crunk up and drove 10mls got it home now wont do nothing please hel

Clarify. Does it crank now? Do u think it is a security issue?

Guages go up and down.
It sounds like you have a poor connection at the battery. You might want to pull both cables off and clean the terminals, then replace them after putting some dielectric grease on the terminals and battery posts. check the other end of those wires too, to be sure the connection on the other end is tight and clean.

You could also have a bad ground from the motor to the chassis