3.1 v6 camaro wont run

car was running shut it off and it would not start again. changed the fuel pump and strainer.i am getting fuel up to the fuel block and it returns it to the tank but it wont run.if i pour fuel in the intake it will run.any help would be greatly appreciated. it is a 1991 camaro with a 3.1 v6.

For some reason the fuel system is losing pressure.

You said you replaced the fuel pump and ‘strainer’?. Do you mean the fuel filter or the fuel pick-up tube?

Check the fuel lines for pinholes in the feeder line, kinks or other damage (flying objects off the road surface).

There may be a possible faulty fuel pressure regulator.

i am getting no vacuum to the fuelrail pod.for that matter i am getting no vacuum from any ports.any help would be appreciated