does a 1991 camaro rs 3.1 v6 have a governor on it

Mostly limited to what your transmission can handle.
My old Civic would reach 100mph in 3rd gear, then it’d shift into OD(4th) and actually slow down, even though the pedal was to the floor.
My CX-7 has seen almost 100mph, but I’m not sure which gear I was in at the time. I’m told the speed is limited to 118mph

Probably not. Its top speed will be limited by drag and the limited amount of power the engine puts out.

By the way, I’m probably fighting a losing battle on this topic, but there is a difference between what a “governor” and a “speed limiter” do. People refer to a speed limiter as a governor all the time. A speed limiter limits a vehicle’s top speed. A governor keeps an engine’s RPM constant, generally for PTO applications and the like.

Start the engine and floor the gas pedal. If the engine blows up? No.


chevyboy, can you provide some proof you are not a troll? lets see a picture of this Camaro.

Listening to the show on saturday. the guys said the the computer can limit rpm so that someone wont over rev and blow a motor. they also said this could limit top end speed.

They picked chevyboy for the show?

My father-in law bought a new DOHC V-6 Ford Escape when he was 83. The second thing he did was take it out of town near the end of the earth in the middle of nowhere to see what it would do. (We now know that Mrs Mc’s speeding tendencies are genetic.) He said it hit 108 MPH and then sputtered while it maintained that speed. The rev limiter had cut in. He’d never experienced a rev limiter before. The rev limiter is not a governor, but it will limit speed. He thought he’s ruined it. It has just over 100K miles now, and still won’t use a quart of Motorcraft Semi-synthetic between 5000 mile changes. I guess it wasn’t ruined.

While I don’t condone what he did, at least he wasn’t one of those old fogies who drove 50 and impeded traffic at all costs. It also made me wonder how fast his earlier cars were.

Governor? Probably not. More than 120 horsepower? Probably not.

Dude, give it up on the constant similar posts about this gutless car. Sure, it looks pretty. Find a girl to sell it to, or a mechanic who can do an engine swap. Then go out and buy yourself the V8 version. You only live once.

I second oldschool’s request.

uh, yeah it’s called a v-6.

Yes it does have a speed limiter on it. Either 107 or 112 MPH. The RS models were shod with S-Rated rubber from the factory. Really kind of a moot point since the V6 models weren’t good for much more than that anyway.

Take this car to a performance shop with a dyno and check the horsepower at the rear wheels. (About 30 bucks a pull around here.)

Once they hand you the printout and you see just what horsepower that 3.1 is actually laying down on the pavement you’ll probably just sell the car and wonder why you even tried.

Edmunds lists it as having 140hp/180tq. 20 years later it probably has half that, if you’re lucky(remember that Top Gear episode where they dyno tested the old super cars?).

Brand new this car had 140 HP. Figuring an driveline loss of about 15%. It should put down about 120 HP at the wheels. Of course give the age and mileage of the car, anything over 100 RWHP would be gravy. This wasn’t a particularly fast car when it was new and would have it’s hands full with a modern Kia at the drag strip today.

I doubt it has a governor. If you’re not getting much top speed, it’s because the engine doesn’t have the horsepower needed to overcome air drag at high speeds. Or “drag limited” is another way of saying the same thing.

yeah here it is

I remember that episode and in another TG episode Richard Hammond has his original Ford Mustang Shelby put on the dyno. It had something like 230 at the wheels and that’s from a 390.

People often guesstimate HP figures way higher than what their car really produce. In one of my performance magazines they had a dyno setup at a car show and let people guess the HP their car were producing before running them up. Out of ten cars shown in the magazine only one guy even came close to what his engine was really producing. Everyone else was off by a mile and not only off, but way way high. One Hemi Roadrunner, guessed at well over 400 HP, actually produced 235. Bet that guy was shell-shocked!

I agree with you; that rear wheel HP is probably in the neighborhood of about 75. That 90 degree turn at the rear axle can really chew up a bunch on top of the accessory/transmission power loss.

I was assigned a Ford Escape Hybrid from my institution’s fleet to drive to a convention. There was some sort of governor, because an LCD panel at the base of the speedometer read “Vehicle Speed Limited to 80 mph”. When I would go over 70 mph, a chime would ding and the panel would read “Approaching Maximum Speed”. I assume there was some sort of governor, but I didn’t try to push it 80 mph or over.
The U-Haul trucks I rented in the past had governors. My brother bought a used 1962 Dodge pickup truck from the state of Ohio that had first been in service as a highway department vehicle and then was used in an Ohio prison. This truck did have a governor and I don’t think my brother ever removed it. However, I doubt that your 1991 Camaro has a governor.

My sister had one of these Camaros (but a later model). She is a mom of 3, not really the “pick up chick” type but guys were constantly comming on to her because of that Camaro (she also had a Firebird in the late 70’s) She just likes this body style.

LOL…best answer!