Chevy silverado speed governor

Is there a simple cheap way to turn off or bypass an electronic speed governor ( or whatever it is) on a 1995 Chevy Silverado?

Speed governor? If you mean the cruise control just don’t use it. If you mean the rev limiter, no. It’s part of the program in the computer.


I’m talking about the governor that makes the motor cut-out at 100mph.

That’s programed into the computer.


How often do you find yourself being held back by the 100 mph limit? The limiter can be over ridden, I’m sure. Take the truck to a full service shop that has all the up to date equipment for programming ECMs.

You can’t just reprogram a computer and call it good. If you want to go faster you have to add more fuel. And the injectors on the vehicle now probably can’t deliver the fuel fast enough at a higher speed which would burn holes in the pistons. That’s why the computer won’t allow the vehicle to go any faster. Cheap? No.


There are many electronic tuners out there that can plug into the diagnostic connector for your car and override the pre-programmed settings. (Google “Diablo Predator” for one of them) Some will even be able to compensate for the extra speed.

However, your vehicle being a 1995, you may have “OBD1”, the older type of system, and it may be pretty hard to find something that will increase performance for this.

That and I have no idea why you’d want to go over 100 in something that handles and brakes like a Silverado. (or most big trucks)

Can you explain why you want to go faster than 100 mph in a 1995 Silverado?