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My camaro wont go faster than 30mph

so my 1985 chevy camaro automatic 305 engine car wont go more than 30mph unless i put it in 1 or 2 what can be the problem?

Need a lot more detail, please.
What happens when you try to go faster? engine revs or just stutters? How does it idle? Is the check engine light on? what codes? What is the maintenance history? How many miles on the car? If you rev the car in neutral does it rev up ok?

it revs really high no stutter it idles good yes the check engine light is on and no i havent checked to see what the codes are and for miles not sure i would have to look

That combination of symptoms would seem to point toward slippage in the transmission.
I would suggest that you NOT continue to drive the car until you have checked the level, color, and odor of the transmission fluid.
Please do that and then report back to us on exactly what you found when you checked the fluid.

Another possibility is a badly-clogged catalytic converter, and by having the stored trouble codes “read”–free of charge–at an auto parts store, you will get some indication of whether this problem is related to the catalytic converter.

the transmission fluid color is good and oder is ok levels are good as well could it be a clogged filter?

A clogged transmission filter?
I suppose that is possible, but I think that you should now focus on having the stored trouble codes read in order to see if they point toward a CC-related problem.

High revs + low speed = transmission problems

OBDI doesn’t monitor the catalytic converter.

So there will be no codes related the CC.

Here’s how you pull the codes on your OBDI GM vehicle


Agreed with VDCdriver that this sounds like a transmission problem. The fact the fluid is clean may mean nothing.

If you continue to operate it in this condition the fluid may turn black.

Here’s a converter stall test that you can perform which will tell you if the clutches are slipping.
Shift trans into 1st gear, set the park brake and hold the foot brake. Try to rev the engine.
Allow to idle for a few minutes.
Repeat the process through 2nd and 3rd gear; allowing the engine to idle between test. When revving the engine do it quickly and do it ONCE.

You should see the engine stall out at around a few thousand RPMs. If it revs to 3 or 4k RPMs the trans is on the way out.

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