Cam Sensor? 1999 ford escort zx2

Hi, I have always followed the ford guide booklet and taken the car into the shop for service. For some reason the engine light came on. I told the guy at the shop that I had not too long ago brought the car to the show, ‘two weeks ago.’ It was for exhaust and the timing belt. I had the timing belt replaced. After that the car was running ok, however it was vibrating and very loud. I also told them that the car was having problems accelerating. When you would push on the gas to go, it would gradually take off slowly. And sometimes when you start the car it would die when backing up.
I guy at the shop told me the car will need a cam sensor and it will cost $1500 to fix. Is this correct? I had no problems until I had them put a new timing belt on the car.
Any advice and help will be greatly appreciated
Oh, car mileage 180,000

Have them check the timing marks. They could have miss aligned the cams or left a connector off. If it did not start until they “fixed it”, then they messed something up.

I’d guess that the $1500 includes redoing the timing belt that they now know they messed up.

I agree with insightful.

Pretty expensive to replace a cam sensor.

to prove the theory, just call another shop and ask how much it would cost to replace a cam sensor on this car. I’ll bet it’s a lot less.