Engine Light Problem/repairs


99 Camry 5/speed- repairs

In the past year I have spent over $1200 in repairs: crank shaft sensor, water pump, timing belt, air fuel ratio sensor, engine control box, catalytic converter and tune up and problems around the check engine light. After the last repair of the crank shaft sensor several weeks ago, the check engine light is coming on again. I have checked the gas cap several time as I know that can be a cause and the light is still coming on. The car now has 149,000 and I’m looking at whether I continue to take it back for the check engine light problem and incur more expense hoping to keep the car for another 50,000 miles or look at getting rid of it.

Posted by: jfarwell


It’s a pity about these Camrys. Toyotas were never known for their reliability. We hear about so many problems…

For now you need to find out what the computer is complaining about. It may even be trivial. Get a free diagnostic check from either AutoZone, Advance Auto, or other automotive stores that offer this service for free. Write down the code(s) and post them back here. Once we know we can advise you further.


Thanks for the input and I did go to Auto Zone and they could only identify the problem as CO2 sensor, I then went to an authorized garage and they tested it and verified it was the C2 sensor bank 1, sensor 2. I gave the info to my own mechanic and along with doing the diagnositics they quoted me a price for this censor at $140 and verified that this sensor hadn’t been replaced in the repair history. Comments are welcome.


You got your moneys worth on that sensor at least. You got got about double the mileage when they are normally replaced. The sensor performance degrades some over time it is in service. The performance of the sensor can effect the MPG performance.


Yea, I had a '95 Camry several years ago, and replaced the oxygen sensor after pulling the code for free at Autozone…pretty easy to do, and fixed the problem…the sensor ‘upstream’ of the catalytic converter is the one that usually needs to be replaced if there are two (I think that there are two on this car).

Replace the sensor, and you’ll be good to go in no time (better mpg, etc, etc)


Situation presently is diagnostics indicated that the crack shaft sensor and the co2 sensors are the problems. I asked my garage if the crank shaft sensor could have caused the other co2 sensor to become faulty…no definite answer. They quoted me a price to replace both at $469 without labor. I contacted a local toyota dealdership and they suggeted that their diagnostics can provide further depth to the sensor issues when I asked if the crankshaft sensor could have caused the other to go…any suggestion or comments would be welcomed…


Just to add to the previous e-mail, the crank shaft sensor was replaced only a month ago…that’s why I questioned whether that also would affect the c02 sensor going.