Cadillac CTS Brakes HD or Not

Can anyone tell me how to tell if my 2009 CTS has HD (heavy duty) brakes or not. I want to order new pads for front and back and when I go to they have HD Brakes and non HD brakes. The 2009 CTS has a 3.6 direct injection AWD (8th character of vin is V). I called GM and Cadillac customer service and was routed to India and its too late to call a Caddy Service dealer.

I suspect that this is a case of the same parts being available in different grades rather than an actual difference in the brakes available on the CTS. The CTS doesn’t seem to have any optional brake systems or different brakes on the various trim levels (I could be wrong, but NAPA just seems to have the same parts available in different grades). I would go to a NAPA store and get their best grade of pads. That always works well for me, and the prices are very reasonable. Same with rotors. I buy their best grade rotors, and they seem to be good castings and do not warp.

I thought that might be the case. Thanks

The CTS-V model has upgraded brakes. The regular CTS probably doesn’t have six pot Brembos up front and four pots on the back. The rotors on the CTS-V are monsterous as well.

I figured the V-series CTS would have upgraded brakes, but the non V CTS cars all seem to have the same brakes. There may only be one trim level other than the V, but I don’t know.

The “V” is a little more than a “trim level”…

"The “V” is a little more than a “trim level”…"

The V stands for 556 HP supercharged engine with the suspension, brakes, and drivability that make it the fastest production sedan to ever run the Nurburgring track. It can hold it’s own against any production sedan at any price. It has been called the greatest production car ever built in the USA many times. That’s some gingerbread!

I know, I know…That was why I didn’t mention the “V” in my first post. The OPs mention of a 3.6 kinda eliminated the V series from the conversation. With 556 BHP, I would certainly hope it has bigger brakes!

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