Brake Dust

I really enjoy my 2009 Smart car, excellent gas mileage, fun to drive too. The only drawback is all the dust coming off the front disc brakes that makes my front wheels look filthy even when the rest of the car is clean. Are there other brake pads that work as good as the factory originals yet don’t give off so much dust? Comments and suggestions are most welcome. Thanks!

I Have Switched To Ceramic And I’m Not Going Back To Semi-Metallic Or Organic Pads. They Work Better On Our GM Cars. Ceramic Is What You’ll Want, Too.


I second the ceramic brakes recommendation.

I am just resting my knuckles from installing professional grade ceramic pads on my Camry for the same reason-well the old ones had only 3mm left on them too.

I switched to ceramic pads on my Scion and have been very happy with them. I too will stick with ceramics until something better comes along that’s affordable.