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Best brakes/pads for a 2009 Accord Coupe V4?

Good quality brakes/pads for a 2009 Accord Coupe v4?

I suggest genuine Honda. I have rarely had noise complaints with factory brake parts.

Either the Honda pads from the dealer or Wagner Thermoquiet Ceramic OEM pads. Both cost about the same but you can get the Wagner pads from either O’Rielly’s or Advanced auto Parts. I do not like the Duralast ceramic pads at AutoZone but the regular Duralast pads have been OK for me.

Most parts stores will give you an option for replacement brake components. These can be cheap brake parts, midgrade or OEM specific, or the premium brake parts.

I always install the midgrade brake components because they meet the OEM’s specifications. Never had a problem with these brake components.


I use Wearever Gold pads from Advance Auto Parts and have great success on my 2005 Accord.

V-4 ?

We know what he means, @Caddyman, and cylinder configuration isn’t important for this discussion. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a V4 on a vehicle larger than a motorcycle, though.

Update: Wow! there were a few automobile V4s: Lancia, Ford (Europe) and ZAZ.

Centric makes a good ceramic pad that is pretty inexpensive. I installed them on my 2010 Accord and they were still at 50% wear after 60,000 of use. I have put the Wagner Ceramic on my son’s 99 Accord but tried the Wearever Silver at the last change and they seem to be working just fine (and were very inexpensive).

Majestic Honda has OEM parts for about 30-40% less than your local dealer.

I have >200k on my stock pads, so I’m not inclined to buy anything else.

Sometimes Trying To Save Money By Buying Low-End Or Middle-Of-The-Road (No Pun Intended) Pads Can Be As Expensive Or More Expensive Than Going First Class . . .

. . . I like to replace some brake hardware when I replace pads. Often the higher-end, more expensive pads include quality hardware and grease and/or “brake quiet” in the box with the pads, whereas the cheaper ones don’t.

New brake pads, cheap or expensive ones, can be a waste if one doesn’t take the time to clean every thing up and lube slides/pins, etcetera or skips replacing questionable hardware.

Hardware, alone, is usually expensive. Skip it with the pad purchase and have to return to the store to buy it costs extra time and money.

So if you use new hardware I would consider a couple of brake pad options and ask the parts counterman to see both sets. Open them up and see what you get for your bucks. Get a price on hardware purchased separately, too.

Hey, it’s just your brakes, right ? As is often the case, quality doesn’t cost, it pays.


“Update: Wow! there were a few automobile V4s: Lancia, Ford (Europe) and ZAZ.”

You can add Saab to that list.

For a few years, as Saab moved away from the old 3-cylinder, 2-cycle engine, they used German Ford V-4s that had been developed for the Taunus model. Yes–Taunus–not Taurus.

Originally, Ford was also going to bring that FWD model to the US, with the model name of, “Cardinal”. However, they apparently decided that the US market was not ideal for this model, and confined it to European sales.

But, at least the engine–which was a very good unit–did make it to these shores, under the hoods of Saabs.

And, for the benefit of the OP, his Honda has an I-4 engine, meaning that the cylinders are arranged in a straight line, rather than in a V-configuration.

“And, for the benefit of the OP, his Honda has an I-4 engine…”

I’m jealous. Changing plugs is so easy on and in-line FWD car. Then again, my 3L V6 has so much more power.

I've ever seen a V4 on a vehicle larger than a motorcycle, though.

Didn’t Volvo make a V4? At least for boats?

I’ve always used the “midgrade” components for my Corolla’s disc brakes and never had a problem. But I’ve heard that Honda offers pretty good prices on their OEM brake components. If the OP could puchase the Honda OEM versions for about the same price or maybe 25% more as compared to the auto parts store midrange, I’d go for the Honda OEM.

And they’ll probably just be Wagner, Bendix, etc brakes that you can buy from a parts store, only packaged in a Honda box.


Honda doesn’t make brakes…As Tester said…companies like Wagner and Bendix are OEM manufacturers for Honda/Toyota/Nissan/GM/Ford…etc…etc.

If partsgeek is to be believed, advics and nissens make oem brake pads for that car.

I don’t know about 09 but Akebono and Nissin made the brakes for the 97 Accord, that is in the FSM.

And if you purchase them from CarQuest, guess what you get?


Car manufacturers send bids out every 5 years or so to different parts suppliers to see who’ll supply their parts. From what I’ve seen most of these contracts last about 5 years…then they send out bids again. Wagner and Bendix have been Honda parts suppliers in the past. I’d also be very surprised that there would only be ONE parts supplier.