Noise even w/ 4 new tires

My car has 4 brand spankin’ new tires and It is still afflicted by noise coming from the rear end.

It isn’t loud, But I notice it simply because I drive the car quite a bit so my trained ear knows what belongs and what doesn’t.

It’s like an annoying humming oscillating noise at freeway speeds (75 mph). It doesn’t sound like wheel bearing noise, doesn’t change in amplitude when the car is “Swerved” around.

What else could be singing to me?

I’m going to guess it’s rear axle of your 1971 Jeep Jeepster

How close am I?

The most frequent complaint of Honda owners is the high level of road noise in their car, regardless of what type of tires are used.

It is possible that this is normal, given the make and model of the car.

Does the noise change when driven over different road surfaces? If so, it may be the new tires.

Ed B.

It’s more noticeable over “smooth” pavement i.e. fresh paved. Maybe i’m just weird but I’ve always enjoyed the ride quality more over more coarse, worn down roads.

Thanks for the replies.

  1. Don: No on the Jeep, this is a Honda. Sorry if my sense of humor didn’t latch on to that one.
  2. VCD: My old Accord (87 Model) never had the quietest ride, my mom’s 99 CRV doesn’t and so far neither does this one, but it isn’t bad either. Normal? I’ll accept that. It is 11 years old with 138,000 miles, after all.