Cabin filter

I have a 2005 Chevy Uplander. I have heard that there are two cabin filters, one passenger side and one driver’s side. The passenger side is easily accessible from the back of the glove box. I cannot find a filter on the driver’s side. Can anyone tell me if this vehicle has one or two cabin filters and if it has two where is the second one located?

I don’t know about your 2005 Chevy, but my 2006 Honda CRV has 2 cabin filters in the same spot just up behind the glove box. I think someone will be able to tell you for sure.

I have an '08 Uplander and had an '02 Venture. I also have Alldatadiy for the '08. I can say definitively that there are two (2) cabin air filters however they are BOTH behind the glove box. They sit side-by-side, right up against each other. Once you pull out the first one, reach in and to the left (toward the driver’s side) and pull the second one over. These filters filter all of the air going into the fan. It is after the fan that the various doors split the air flow to different places.

Man I’ve been looking for that second filter for 8 years. Better late than never. What’s an uplander anyway? I’m kind of a smart alack today.

It’s a Chevy Mini-Van. Hopefully the OP found the second filter by now … :wink: