Chevy uplander

I’m looking for info about this model. I’ve only seen one on the road, which makes me suspicious. Why doesn’t anyone want one? There’s almost no info about this car available.

I rented one(not on purpose my “upgrade”) and they left miles to be desired compared to a Dodge Caravan for example. Not even the same playing field IMHO.

I own a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander that I bought in 2006. This was a “program” vehicle and it had about 15,000 miles. I now have over 38,000 miles and have had no real problems. The gasoline gauge sending unit was replaced under warranty and i did have to replace a tire when I picked up a screw and the puncture was too close to the sidewall to repair. I get 24-26 mpg on the road and 16-19 around town. I am president of a small chamber orchestra that presents free concerts to underserved areas, so I am always hauling people and/or musical instruments. By removing the rear seat and one of the middle bucket seats, I have been able to carry 3 tympani, 3 passengers, 1 string bass, two French horns and 3 music stands at a time. I’m satisfied with my purchase–I paid less than half the cost of a new Toyota or Honda minivan. I’ve owned 2 minivans in the past: 1)1990 Ford Aerostar; and 2)2000 Ford Windstar. It’s hard to make a comparison among the three. The Aerostar was the top of the line Eddie Bauer extended. The Windstar was the middle line model and the Uplander is the low trim model. The Uplander seems quieter on the road than the Windstar. The Aerostar had the most room. I have taken road trips of 400 miles and found the Uplander comfortable. I did test drive a Dodge minivan back in 2000 when I bought the Windstar. I found the seats in the Windstar much more comfortable than the Dodge. The Uplander seats are as comfortable for me as were the Windstar seats. I have seen 2008 Chevrolet Uplanders advertised, but I’ve heard that this will be the last year for them. GM has already dropped the Buick and Saturn minivans which were the same as the Uplander. I have a specific need for a minivan. If I didn’t have this need, I would drive a Mini Cooper or a Mazda Miata. I’ll buy one of these cars when miniature tympani and basses are made that will fit the trunk of the Miata.

The Uplander is several inches narrower than other minivans. This is great for me because I have to back off a busy street into a very narrow alley to get to a stage door so that I can load/unload the tympani.
I think that the Uplander has a heavier load rating as compared to the Chrysler minivans. It’s more truck like than the other minivans, but for me this is an advantage.

The Uplander doesn’t get much attention because for the most part it’s always been behind the competition in safety and overall package. If I needed a minivan I’d be looking at an Odyssey or Sienna unless you really love GM products. Here’s a link to a place you can learn more about it and other vehicles:

GM has never been able to make a good (except the Astro) minivan. Some had engines that ate intake gaskets and others were just butt ugly. A local Chevy dealer in my area does not even stock one because nobody wants it. IMOO the current body style is about as good looking as lye soap, BORING & a “has been”.

I have to do some travel for my company & we ride in these, sometimes, all I can say is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE!!! I’m 6’ & there is no leg room in the back, middle, or front!

Packard motor company had the slogan: “Ask the man who owns one”. I would talk to owners of the Upander and see what they think. If you are in the market, you could probably rent one for a week-end and see how you like it. My Uplander does the job I bought it to do, and seems to do it well. Load capacity and room to haul things is important to me. It may or may not be the minivan for you.

Aside from cost it is nowhere near as competent as the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey. My dad has had many minivans (88 Caravan, 91, Caravan, 95 Windstar, 98 Windstar, 03 Windstar, and a now an 07 Odyssey), while the 88 Caravan was his favorite, he really likes the Odyssey, saying that it’s powertrain is excellent and has superior built quaility compared to the other vans he’s had. He also has rented an Uplander and said that it had alot of low end power, but was otherwise inferior to the Honda. Keep in mind my dad like, like myself and my grandfather are diehard Ford men, and was fully prepared to hate the Honda that his company forced upon him.