Cabin Filter in Ford Freesyle

The dash in my car is constantly dusty and inside front window keeps filming up. So, do I need a new cabin filter? If so, are they expensive and can I replace it myself? I’m on a serious budget these days so if I can I’d like to try to replace it myself. Otherwise, I’ll probably just leave it as is and buy more paper towels and window cleaner.

What year, how many miles?

If the car is fairly new the film could be from the plastic interior parts “outgassing”. Leaving a window cracked open when practical will help.

A clogged filter will not let more stuff through. It will let less fresh air in.

It’s an '07 with 40,000 miles. I was actually doing to searching on the internet and found a site that said the Freestyles doesn’t have them and gave info on how to add one. Didn’t sound that difficult. Would it be worth adding???

It might help with the dust, if you keep your windows up all the time. It won’t help with the window film.