Looking for Filter Fresh

So I get my cabin air filter replaced and while perusing the bill notice something called “filter fresh” (which ran about sixteen bucks) and I tell you, that car smelled wonderful for about a week. What is this magic stuff? I tried to do a search online and found all sorts of things but would really like to know what on earth the dealership used. 'Preciate the help, folks!

Why not ask the dealer.

That is just too simple to do.


Could be Frigi-Fresh or Ozium air sanitizer.

You can be assured that of that 16.00 - 15.50 is profit.


Most likely just a spritz of something akin to Fabreze.

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Just curious, how much did they charge you for the filter if they charged you $16 for filter fresh?

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And why does a brand new filter need to be freshened?

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Not only question why a new filter needs some kind of 16.00 air spray why did the person not demand a refund for something that only lasts a week for that price .

I do that when I change my house HVAC filter. Yes only lasts a couple of hours, but…

If you like the smell, fine. But in a car, if you need “filter fresh” after a new filter gets installed, it’s probably because something doesn’t smell good in the car. If it’s in the vents, then that needs to be addressed beyond just spraying room scent on the filter. If, as is more likely, it’s decaying food particles under the seats, then get it into a detail shop and have the interior thoroughly cleaned.

I’m not a fan of the “cover up the stink with perfume” approach, which is why I both bathe and keep my car clean. :wink:

Looks like this may be it- https://www.homedepot.com/s/filter%20fresh?NCNI-5