Anti theft intermittent problem 97 buick skylark

About 1 or 2 times out of every 5 starts the system fails. Resetting using the 10 minute procedure allows a normal start. Ignition switch and lock have been replaced, but problem persists. Changed keys also to no avail.

“system fails” what does this mean?

It means car won’t start. Starter motor grinds- but that’s all.

how do you know it’s the anti-theft preventing a start? I assume the panel light goes on? The more details you give us the better.

the car actually starts okay but then instantly shuts off but the accessories still work. The dealer was the one told us to have the instrument cluster panel checked and showed us how to do the manual override of the anti-theft system - which is to keep the key on accessory position and when the anti theft light stops flashing after 10 mins to start it again. This process works every time and no other problems appear. The instrument panel cluster has been checked and reported OK.

It’s time to take it to the specialists ---- automotive alarm and security systems specialists. Take a walk in the Yellow Pages.

If it was the anti-theft it wouldn’t even crank. Look in your owner’s manual for something called the gas-pump reset switch. Back in the early 80’s the DOT and highway safety commission made it mandatory that all cars with electric fuel pumps have a kill switch built in as a safety precaution in the even of an accident. More modern cars have that switch built into the main computer. I can’t tell you when they started that conversion. Another ida would be to have a mechanic actually expose the main computer and THEN put the car on the diagnostic equipment, and then wiggle the computer. There might be a poor connection, or an internal short. In very rare cases radio signals can interrupt computer signals to the motor.
And, when you say “Replaced the key” did you actually replace the key or the switch. They are two different things. The switch is actually in the dashboard.