Bypass a sized up a/c compressor

Howdy boys; I bought a used 95 Land Rover a

few years back and shortly after the a/c

compressor sized up, burnt the serpentine

belt in half.Q. Can the a/c comp. be bypassed

with a short belt, a new comp. is more than

the beast is worth at this time? It has set in the yard for a year+, at the time

the thing wrong was the comp.

Thank you. Respectfully yours;

Frank Rivers L/cpl USMC Ret.

There should be an electrical connection on the clutch of the compressor. If you disconnect this and the pulley on the compressor turns, leave the clutch disconnected. If the pulley does not turn, the clutch can be separated from the compressor and replaced at a much lower cost than a new compressor.

Were ALL Land Rover’s air conditioned in '95? If not then just remove the failed compressor and configure the belt like the non-A/C model…You may have to install an idler pulley or a different tensioner pulley…Or there may be an after-market kit made for this exact purpose. Google “Rover A/C elimination kit” and see what pops up…