Buzzing Sound


My Lexus is making a buzzing sound. It happened when I was stopped at an intersection and when I was stopped in front of my garage. The car runs fine.

How loud is the buzzing? If you listen carefully you can hear the fuel pump running on many cars, but this is usually pretty quiet.

It’s pretty loud. It sounds just like my Iphone when it’s on vibrate mode and I receive a call. I know it’s not my Iphone because, both times I had forgotten my Iphone at home.

A loose heat shield might make a buzzing sound like that, and you would probably only hear that while you are idling (like at a stoplight). If your car is a little bit old or if you have driven over some road debris it wouldn’t be unusual to find a loose heat shield. It would be pretty easy for a mechanic to find and repair a loose heat shield too.

Thank you. How much should something like this cost?

Just as likely the interior air blower motor,perhaps it is just debris in the cage