Buzzing sound on acceleration


I was in an accident and my left front tire was hit (2004 Subaru Impreza wagon - not turbo). The tire had to be replaced along with the suspension (and fender). I noticed a buzzing sound after the accident that I hadn’t heard before the accident. It’s coming from the front of the car and seems to be associated with depressing the gas pedal. It almost sounds like something hitting a fan. The auto body shop told me that the buzzing was coming from a loose muffler pan and is not associated with the accident. Has anyone heard of this, or could it be something else? I’m a little nervous driving it so I’d appreciate any help on this, thanks -


Yes heat shields can rattle (probably for your catalytic converter) get it fixed so it can be eliminated as a possible cause of your buzz.


good to know - thanks…


This is a very common problem with Subarus. The spot welds on the heat shields I guess aren’t the best quality so they tend to come off when they get rattled around a lot, as Subaru’s outdoorsey customers tend to do on dirt roads. You just need to get it to a muffler shop and have them weld the heat shield back on.