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Which would you choose? Green car or Dream Car?

So an article about this today … If you were offered a choice (and money is not the object), would you choose a “green car” or your dream car? Why?

Dream car! Though for some people the dream car IS the green car.

dream car. “green cars” will be forced down our throats soon and “dream cars” will become unattainable.

Probably neither one. I don’t drive enough to justify a green car and my dream car is just something that will go everyday and is not too hard on the environment.

Very soon Americans will have to face that they HAVE to chose green cars or not drive at all.

Dream cars. Hey, money is no object, so I want several of them.

Dream car, hands down! Maybe one day we will be able to have are cake and eat it too. Perhaps a electric super car like the Tesla? But we aren’t there yet.

Dream car, without a question.

If I’m spending several tens of thousands of dollars on a car, it’s going to be one that suits me, not someone else.

My real passion has always been motorcycles so my “dream cars” have always been kind of green.

Dream car. Green cars are not as green as one is lead to believe.

Dream car, you see plenty of Prius(es) everywhere.

How often do you see a 1966 427 Shelby Cobra S/C?

The Cobra looks better (IMO), is quite a bit faster, and actually appreciates in value… However it does not get 50 MPG, but it pumps out such extraordinary amounts of pollution that it has been reputed to kill off all vegetation within 4 feet of side pipes when you start it up.

Dream vehicles? I’ve always liked Mustangs for some reason. No, not the ones Ford made, the ones built by North American. Ah yes, that wonderful roar of a Rolls-Royce Merlin V-12.

I wouldn’t mind having an H model. It was faster than the defining D model, yet had more docile flight characteristics. With that said my grandfather flew F4U Corsairs in the pacific with the VMF-121 led by Joe Foss. My Grandfather was rotated in right as the squadron was transitioning to the Corsairs from the old Wildcats. So I’m a little partial to the Corsair, but it was a notoriously difficult airplane to fly.

In this exercise, is the cost of running and maintaining the car an object?

Muscle cars and the like can symbolize freedom all they like, but to me the pinnacle of automotive freedom is something that you can just hop in and take a thousand mile road trip in without having to revise your family budget. So I guess in that sense, my dream car is green, although my tastes would probably be more along the lines of diesel VW than Prius.

I would be like Jay Leno and have both. More of dream cars. Why? Why not?

Exactly. If your passion is cars, buy your dream car. If your passion lies elsewhere, buy practical wheels and expend your money and resource on what really matters to you.

FoDaddy, My County Actually Taxes Me To Spray Poison On That Vegetation!

Some 427 S/Cs would be a better approach to the problem.


SR-71 Black Bird… Muzzle Velocity Of A .30-06 And Smells Like Burning Metal When You Land!

I believe these date back to 1966, also. They’re parked now. Maybe a deal could be had on one.


And, let us not forget the importance of Miss Shilling’s Orifice in boosting the Merlin’s performance!
(No, this is not an off-color reference.)

Thanks VDCdriver. I had to look that one up and now that is my fun fact for the day.

My goal is to learn at least one new thing every day, and it sounds like you have a similar goal!