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349000km Toyota Corolla

My friend has a 1993 Toyota Corolla which has 349000KM on it.

I would like to know what kind of problem or repair I would expect?

It sounds like you’re considering buying this car from your friend and if that’s the case, how much does he want for it?

At that age and mileage the car likely needs a number of things unless it’s been maintained to the absolute hilt; and very few cars meet that standard.

Aside from scheduled maintenance, you might expect the starter to go soon. The timing belt is a scheduled repair, but it should include replacement of the water pump once for every two timing belts. Hoses and belts, tires and brake pads I guess you are used to replacing.
Otherwise this car is a tank. It might outlive you if you do follow the scheduled maintenance.

349,000kM, huh?.. let’s see that’s 349,000 x 1000m/km x ~3ft/m / 5000 or so ft/mile… over 200,000 miles.
Bottom line is anything and everything could cause problems or require repair.

Any description you can provide on how this car was taken care of, how many owners, used as a taxi cab, etc…?

Own by the same owner

But no idea about scheduled maintenance.

possible used for his business.

If the car is in clean condition, it is worth about $600. What’s he asking for it?

349,000/1.609=216,905 miles! At that mileage even on a Corolla, the following should have already been replaced or need replacing soon:

  1. Alternator
  2. Starter
  3. Radiator
  4. Struts front and rear
  5. Heater fan motor
  6. A/C compressor if you live in a hot state
  7. Brakes front and rear (second set)
  8. All belts and hoses.
  9. Battery

I would ask to see the maintenance records, and then decide what to deduct from the asking price. Corollas are well built, but any car as it ages and wears needs parts.

My experience with these high mileage cars is that they make sense only for seniors who drive very little or students who can walk to class if the vehicle breaks down. Don’t buy this as a daily driver.

Agree; $600 would be a fair price if it is in the condition OP says it is in. Need to budget about $1000 per year or so to keep it on the road from here on in.

If you want to remain friends, don’t buy it. Just my opinion.

Aside from scheduled maintenance, you might expect the starter to go soon

Why do you say that??? Last starter I replaced was my 84 S-15…5 cars and 250-300k MILES later and haven’t replaced a starter/alternator or many other parts.

Agree; that’s why I have GIVEN AWAY 3 high mileage cars over the years while fully explaining what was good about them and what could happen to them in the near future. I never sell a car to a friend or relative.

Great Idea !