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Replacement All Season Tires for Minivan in Snow Country

I have a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country with 215/65R16 tires. I’ve gone to three tire stores and one Chrysler dealer for recommendations on tires and of course got 4 different answers. When I research their recommendations all I see is bad reviews. I live in the Rocky Mountains at nearly 10,000 feet and we get snow but luckily it doesn’t last very long. When we don’t have snow, we have muddy dirt roads. Last year on the factory tires, I did well, but they have 32K on them and are worn. If I’d known I’d be moving to CO, I wouldn’t have bought the van but I can’t afford to switch vehicles now, so I just need to live with it. Can you suggest a good A/S tire that will have traction in snow and mud, handle the dirt roads, and still be quiet and smooth on the highway? Tall order?

Yes, that is a tall order.

I suggest you do some research at

Even if you don’t buy from them there’s lots of good information on the site.

One brand they don’t carry, which you might want to look at, is Nokian.

Nokian might have a tire that suits your needs.

Thank you, Mcparadise. That’s a great site and that’s where I looked up the other tires that were suggested. I just don’t see any mention of snow on any of the tires they list for this van. Seems like it shouldn’t be that tough a question and we don’t get enough snow (usually) to have to deal with a set of snow tires.

Whatever brand.
For grip, you’ll be looking for zig-zag channels between the rows of tread. Not necessarily a super zig-zag ( real SNOW tires have that ), but definately not a straight channel.
Also some degree of space between the tread teeth.

If buying all 4, you may change size slightly to find a suitable tread. Ex; 205/70 or 225/60 might work if the outside DIAMETER is close to the 215/65. ( the R16 remains a given in all choices )


Go back to Tire Rack and look at the survey results. Here’s the link:

Then click on “Standard Touring All-Season” and check out the results. There is wet traction near the left and snow handling towards the right. The see if any of these tires fit your T&C. There is a button in the upper left that lets you input tire size. For instance, all 5 of the top passenger all season tires fit your car. Do the same for ‘Passenger All-Season’ and maybe ‘Grand Touring All-Season’. Your local stores may carry these tires. Get a list together and start calling. Tire Rack will also put you in contact with someone near you that will install TR tires, if you want to buy from them.

No all season tyre will have the ability of a "Winter tyre" (not the same as the old snow tyres) If you are really concerned about snow and ice, and you should be, then I would strongly suggest you look at Winter tyres.  They are a totally different technology than the old snow tyres.  Get four new rims and just change the wheels twice a year.

Nokian WR or Nokian WR G2 covers your requirements well. Only downside is top tier pricing but they really work.(three time owner)

JT, thank you SO much! That direction is just what I needed.
I have now found a tire that should work well and have ordered them to be mounted on Friday. Good thing, as our third day of snow is now falling.
Many thanks!

Thank you. Yes, I considered that, having been raised in northern NH, that was the norm. But last year here, we only had two storms that kept my car in the garage for a day and that was on the factory tires that had 25K on them and they dealt with the snow just fine. So instead of storing 4 tires and wheels all the time, I’d prefer to find a good A/S. I think I have now.
Thanks again!