Best Tire?

Need new tires for my 2012 Jeep Compass Latitude 4wd. Tire size is 215/60/r17. I drive mountain roads every day, with lots of curves. I have a 300 yds dirt/gravel/rock road/driveway. I can have 12" of snow and ice to drive through. I would like advise on the best type of tire to buy for all year driving and any brand recommendations.



With that amount of snow and some off-road conditions…then I recommend an AT type tire. They should be good for the wide range of driving conditions you drive in.

I personally drive Cooper Discover AT3. One of the best truck tires I’ve ever owned. And you’ll get many many different opinions on tire brands.

I concur. An awd car demands good winter traction so at the very least get suitable All Terrain tires. The are every bit as good (depending upon brand) as some of the very best snow tires in snow but will give up something on ice. Yet, they are still better as a group then all seasons on ice. I successfully used them on SUVs and trucks for years. What do you give up ? More noise on pavement and some possible dry traction. You can’t have it all, but these are as good as you are going to get for a decent do everything 4wd tire. Research the brands, look at reviews and pick out the ones best suited to your needs. But, AT tires as a group is where I would start. BTW, a Compass is ill suited for very strenuous off roading so maximum off road traction is not a big consideration. Good snow traction on roads is.

You can compare user survey results here for various All Terrain tires: can help you out with this as they have customer reviews to give you model and specific tire size feed back. but we can give you general feedback here. go with tires that have an A traction, aggressive profile, and lower wear length as that will give you more safety and traction. good luck

Don’t try for “Brand” as a criteria. What you want is an “All Terrain” tire - and there are many brands that have excellent All Terrain tires.

Spend some time on Tire Rack. They will have reviews, testing, and ratings to help you narrow down your search.