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Buying a used Ford corporate Mustang?

I’m thinking about getting a used 2011 V6 Mustang. The car is from a dealer and is CPO, but also has 42K miles on it and was used as a Ford corporate car. The price is nice: $17K.

I’m a little wary of former corporate cars, but the fact that it is CPO’ed makes me think this could be less of an issue.

What do you guys think?

I would assume the car was driven a bit on the “hard” side. The corporate driver didn’t have to pay for maintenance, so it is a matter of whether or not the driver was attentive to regular oil changes. A corporate driver would use Ford dealers for service so the car should have all the service records either in the car, or on Ford’s computer system under the VIN#.

If regular service can be confirmed. And I’m assuming it has new tires and about 80% or more brake pads on it, I’d take a shot at it.

You’d want to see the maintenance history but since it was under warranty and a business car, most likely it was maintained. A higher mileage means it was on the road a lot which would be better. You sure it was not a highway patrol car? They are using those in Minnesota and other states.

I’ve haven’t seen any Mustangs in use by the HP here in Minnysoder for some time. All I’ve seen are Crown Vics and Chevy Suburbans.

I’m guessing since the past use of the car was for business purposes, whether a perk or not, all maintenance records should be complete as they would be used for tax purposes. I’m guessing this car was maintained per “the book.”

HP Mustangs are typically V8s.

Is “Corporate” a euphemism for rental car? For every true corperate car I’ve worked on I’ve seen a thousand rental cars.

In the past “program car” sales were common, they were simply former rental cars.

This one is a hard call, but I’d be inclined to pass. I can only envision how I’d treat a free temporary Mustang if there were no consequences (besides tickets). The youngster in me would come out to play.

CPO ?? Who is the title holder? The dealership, Ford Motor Company, A leasing company, a rental company or “we don’t have the title here now”, don’t worry about it, we’ll get you a new one…

As long as the performance seems ok and no unusual sounds, this seems like a pretty good deal to me. Maybe do a compression and emissions test prior to purchase, as insurance.

Thanks guys. I’m going to go over and check it out in person early next week, I guess that even though it is CPO, it’s not a jerk move to get a mechanic to come take a look?

I’m going to ask the dealer, but my impression is that “corporate car” means used by a Ford employee, and not a rental car. But we’ll see.

It is not a “jerk move” at all to get it checked by an independant mechanic. It’s a SMART move. There are literally thousands of your hard-earned dollars at stake.

CPO…Certified Pre-Owned?? What’s THAT mean?

It means a used car that’s been checked over by the dealer and meets a list of standards…allegedly. Usually that’ll also come with some form of limited warranty.

In reality, it’s just a late model used car. I’ve seen a new-car-dealer affiliated lot that actuallly does the job properly, changing worn brake pads and such, and provides a good warranty, and I’ve seen the term used by shysters. The term has no standing legally. Like any used car, it’s “buyer beware”.