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GM sells employees cars direct

See the link below. GM is selling used cars traded in by employees. It appears that they are also selling rental cars, which I presume dealers rented. IIRC, auto manufacturers own a part of some rental companies. Ford owns part of Hertz. Maybe that is what they mean when they say it was a rental car. In MD, all the cars are rentals and are two to three years old. Typical mileage I saw was between 13,000 and 20,000 miles. It was interesting to see that GM listed visible warts in the listings, like paint blemishes and dents. If this works for them, maybe other manufacturers might do the same thing.

A college friend worked for Motorola when it was part of Ford. He said there were cross hatched parking spots where company cars were parked so that the employees could put Ina bid for the cars when they became available. It was a perk for the executives. He said there were Panteras on the lot, as well as more mundane cars like Mustangs, and LTDs I’m sure. Not that Mustangs were mundane, just compared to Panteras. What do you guys think about the plan?

Looks like just another way to market a used car. Anybody can do this already on Cartrader

Rummaging through some of the listings I don’t see anything there that stands out as what could be called a deal. Every price is in the KBB range and some completed eBay listings show similar cars with similar mileage selling for less. In some cases, a lot less.

This sounds like more marketing hype to generate sales traffic.

I was thinking it is more of a deal for GM since they are no longer auctioning their cars at wholesale or less to dealers that will put a steep markup on them. They aren’t doing this for you, they are doing it for themselves. I guess we will see if the cost of doing business justifies the new to them business.

One more thing: I didn’t see anything really appealing either @ok4450. My biggest concern is the quoted damage on the cars near me that I looke at. Of course, the price is asking price and I presume they are willing to bargain, especially if the vehicles remain on the lot for a couple months. They don’t need cars, they need cash. Auctions generate quick turnover but at a lower price. I’ve never heard of a program like this before and thought I would bring it up to see what others think.