Buying a new car

I bought a new Lexus in the middle of November in December they ran a promotion that could have saved me lots of money.What I want to know is do the car deakerships know in advance what promotions they will be running in the coming month???

There is advance notice, but how much lead time depends on the promotion. If there is cooperative advertising involved there is time needed to arrange for the local ads. If there is a need to buy cars with a certain package of options there is lead time for the cars to be delivered and placed in inventory. There is less lead time on national promos which are the kind that involve heavy TV promotion.

Honda and Toyota dealers know their brands feature end of year promotions, and other dealers know from past experience when their brands run national advertising promos. Sometimes they might not know exactly the terms of the deals and which model(s) will be featured.

In general, December is a better month to buy a car than Nov. There are more promos in Dec. as it is the end of the year. It also a slow sales month and the promos are needed to boost sales during the holidays when buyers are busy on holiday shopping. Getting showroom traffic in Dec. requires more advertising and more dealing to move the cars.

If you are mad at your dealer, you have the right to be. But, only make this mistake once. Next time defer the November purchase to December if you can. All I saw new years day watching football was one car ad after another, and many were luxury brands such as Lexus, Accura, and MB.

Yes and know.

They know that they’ll probably be having a sale during that time because they’ll want to reduce their inventory and that is a slow time of the year…But the don’t really know what kind of sales and on what vehicles they’ll have the promotions for. That’s why I always buy a new car either in the fall or in February. Buying in the middle of the summer is the WORSE time to buy a new vehicle.