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Best time to buy new car, end of month or wait until July 4th?


My husband and I are in the market for a honda CRV. I doesn’t seem like honda does any special deals with financing or offer much in the form of cash incentives (annoying in this economy)… but we are getting offers below invoice at the moment. I am going by consumer reports “bottom line pricing” taking into account hold back and some other very minimal incentives.

Would we be better of waiting until the 4th of july weekend to buy a new car, or will we really not see better deals than what we are getting now.

I thought month end would provide the best deals for us due to sales quotas at the dealership, but my husbands co-workers are suggesting 4th of July might be better.

I can’t see us getting much cheaper quotes. Honda isn’t that big on negotiations from what I have seen…

Advice is appreciated!

When I was selling cars, as the end of the month approached the salespeople were all trying to add a few more sales to their monthly total, and often would take a deal they may not have taken a week earlier.

I would say tomorrow, June 30 is the day to make your best deal. Late afternoon or evening, when they’re down to the wire.

I don’t see anything that would make the 4th of July weekend special as far as prices go.

You should be able to get the car for $200 under invoice (that’s average). I got the information from You can compare that information to the CR data and see how they match. I don’t think it makes a bit of difference when you buy the car in this market. Any sale is better than no sale.

There also appears to be $500 cash back to the dealer. That deal ends on 7/6/2009. That is probably why the average purchase price is $200 under invoice. Hey, try to get it all.

End of the month. They spend money on July 4th promotions, but the end of July will yield better deals than the 4th.

Shop as soon as you can, but walk out and make them call you. If they do you’re in the “power position” for the final negotiation.

In a couple months(around August-September), the new 2010 models should be arriving on the lots. THAT should be your best time to buy, though with the economy the way it is, ANYtime is the right time.

The end of the month is when the dealers need to sell the most cars.

walk out and make them call you. If they do you’re in the "power position

I like that idea.

Great idea to walk. If they let you walk, you have most likely found the “hard deck” for price. You can always come back later and offer $200 more and see if they will take the bait. The way that I see it, if they don’t MAKE me walk, I am paying too much. It takes the emotion out of buying the car. It also helps to have two dealerships working against each other for the sale. If you have pictures of the salesman and his “manager” with a goat or sheep, you will probably be able to negotiate a better deal.

End of the month. Dealer Principles (the owner) general managers, managers, sales people all froth at the mouth and boil potions in a big black cauldron to try to get deals in before the end of business at the last couple of days in the month.

With sales as poor as they are now, I think they’ll crawl 10 miles over crushed glass to make the sale any time. If the OP has to have that CR-V now, it’s OBE. The 4th sales are all that’s left until the end of July.

Remember the movie line . . . Charlie doesn’t surf? Well, in my experience . . . Honda doesn’t deal . . . seems just as stupid, but Honda dealers don’t seem to deal as much as others. We just looked at new Hondas and they were rigid. We walked away. They had at least 50% new 2008 & 2007s on the lot, the rest were 2009s. Guess they’d rather hold onto them than deal. Rocketman

They probably hold on to the principal of “If these people don’t buy, the next person to walk in will”.
I know they usually have a big end of summer sale, but that’s about it. Their “Mr. Opportunity” knocks on your TV screen telling you how good their (only)deals are

If you can see past “Honda CRV”, you can get a lot more vehicle for you money…There are 268 different models of vehicles sold in the U.S. Broaden your search a little and save a lot more than $200…

Those salesman are to soft, how about the ones that crawl 10 miles in crushed glass in a pool of rubbing alcohol! Those guys want a sale.

GRRRR! Nails run away when the see those guys! LoL!

You should try my dealer. In 2005 they sold me an Accord EX V6 for the invoice price, and even took off the entire dealer incentive after that.

Those pansies. The real sales(wo)men crawl naked through broken glass, barbed wire, nails and mounds of salt to get their sales

For what it’s worth, several months ago my sister and brother-in-law purchased a new fully loaded Honda Element from a dealer for a good price.

In their case, they saw the car in the showroom and offered a certain (quite low, but not ridiculously low) amount for the car. They were in no hurry to buy and not stuck on this particular car and this was probably apparent. When the dealer didn’t accept the offer my brother-in-law left his phone number and told them to call if they decide later on they’d like to deal. My sister and brother-in-law didn’t go back to the dealer in the meantime. In a couple of weeks my brother-in-law got the phone call and the rest is history. I think part of what worked is that my sister and brother-in-law didn’t appear too eager or rushed.

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