Best time to buy a new car

Is there a best time of the month or year to purchase a new car? Does it depend on the manufacturer, on the dealership, or the region of the country?

The best time is when you need a car and have the money.

The last few days of a month can be good, since all the salespersons are looking for one more sale to earn their commission. December is a good time, because everyone is Christmas shopping and auto showrooms are empty.

It’s unlikely that a specific time or month will net you an appreciably better deal than any other time. It’s your money. Hold on to it. The salesperson’s job is to take as much of it from you as possible. Your job is to keep as much as possible. Do your homework BEFORE you go into the showroom, and don’t let the salesperson boss you around. They are trained to do that, but you don’t have to play along.

I agree with McP. However, if you’re buying a make and model that needs a real “special” clearance, for example a full size SUV at the moment, then you might be better considering something else anyway. I typically buy the top (in reliability and value) makes and models, so I have little negotiating power.

Right now is probably an excellent time to buy a 2008 model because the 2009s are coming in. Dealers are anxious to clear leftover 2008 models of the lot. Check your newspaper listings for their special prices on leftovers. Note that they may advertise only one car - Stock #1234 - at the special price. If it’s already sold, bargain for another one at a similar discount.

Never, find a good late model car and let someone else pay for the initial depreciation. Invest the remaining cash or buy a more upscale care with the savings.

So… the poster may have been getting at the fact that when next years models are released, the dealerships are eager to clear out the stock of the previous years models. If this is the issue, then when does that occur? What month do the new year car models arrive? Relative to that, when do the prices drop on the existing year model?

Regardless, the best time to buy a new car is after your car turns 15 years old or greater. Unless you need to increase your fuel efficiency.

“Regardless, the best time to buy a new car is after your car turns 15 years old or greater. Unless you need to increase your fuel efficiency.”

Only 15 years? I’m working on 30 years at the moment. Before you replace a car for improved fuel efficiency, crunch the numbers and make sure you are actually reducing your total cost/mile. And buy used, not new.

The best is:

[list] When it is clear you want (and can afford) a new car or must buy one now. (Almost any purchase of a new (or new to you) car is going to cost you more than keeping what you have.
When you have the option of walking way and coming back in a month or more if the price is too high.
When you find exactly what you want
When the dealer and/or manufacturer really want to sell it
The end of the month, if you happen on a month when the dealer needs an additional sale to make a minimum volume for some manufacturer deal. [/list]

I prefer November but it’s a long way off.

There two GOOD times to buy.

One is right after the new models come out for the specific vehicle you want to buy. This however is different for each manufacturer.

The next best time is in January and February. These are typically the SLOWEST times of the year for car sales so buy then.

THE ABSOLUTE BEST…Is in January and February WHEN THERE ARE STILL LEFT OVER MODELS OF THE CAR YOU WANT. This however is very very difficult to predict.

The WORSE time is spring and summer…aka…NOW. This is the hottest time for car sales.

Throw Thanksgiving-Christmas time in there as well. Everyone else is shopping department stores for baubles while the dealers aren’t seeing much business at all.