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Best time to buy a new car?

I don’t know when the new 2015 Toyota Avalons come out. I am considering buying a 2014 around now. They have already started to offer some incentives, but nothing huge. I am hoping to cash in on the “clear the lot” thing. Does anyone know anything definitive about the buy now versus wait for lower prices thing?

If you are buying a previus year’s model, do it in the fall. If you are buying a current model, January/February are good times. Everyone is paying off their Xmas bills and nobody wants to shop in the winter.

Now is a good time to start shopping. Dealers have not taken deliveries in a couple of months, and won’t get moe Avalons until the 2015 model year. You can at least assess the stock level at your local dealers on line and see what their internet prices are. If there are only 5 to 10 on dealer lots near you, now is the time to get serious.

There is a dealer near me and they have 26 Avalons at 2 storefronts. The discount appears to be about $5000 to $6000 depending on model. There is a $1000 rebate and 2 years of maintenance and roadside assistance as well.

Fall doesn’t start till late September. Will deals be substantially better then than they are now?

The longer those '14’s sit on the lot, the better your price will be. The risk you take by waiting until September, or even October, is they may sell out or have models you would never consider. It is a balancing act.

The “wait until fall” strategy only works for unpopular models or a model in it’s last year of production…There may be some 2014 F-150’s on the lot as customers wait for the “All New” aluminum bodied 2015 models…The existence of a newer, more advanced model means all the older models will take a value hit…

You can check Toyota dealers’ stock on 2014 Avalons right now, including specific options on every car. If you are particular in the options/color combination, you may be disappointed by waiting. If you’ll accept many different combinations, keep an eye on their inventory and wait as long as inventory holds out.

I’m picky on my options, so I just buy when I need it, and try and get a decent deal.

When discussing a potential deal…
TELL THEM, don’t ask them that you’ll help them move last year’s models by offering xxx in that on that one right there.
Don’t low ball too much to sound rediculous. Low enough to be a deal for you, high enough to be realistic for them.

Some dealers are just blowing smoke on those ‘‘year end deals’’. Just a numbers game either way ( more for your trade, less for the new etc. ) some are still recieving new inventory of 14s to fill the lot. look around the lot to see if you can tell the age of the inventory.

Unfortunately, in order to get what I want, they will have to bring it in from another dealer.
About 200 mi.

What I would want to know before accepting delivery of a dealer transfer car (assuming it will be driven and not transported) is the time the vehicle left and the time the vehicle arrived.

I’ve seen vehicles delivered with the individual driver method and in the case of several of them they would have put F1 drivers to shame. Those cars suffered some major issues due to the fact they were absolutely hammered into the pavement during the delivery drive.

I’ve bought a new vehicle before where the dealer had to get it from another dealer many miles away. Last time I did it…the vehicle has .4 miles on it. Tells me it was delivered by truck (which I suspect most new vehicles are delivered).

“If you are buying a previus year’s model, do it in the fall.”

I think that doesn’t apply anymore, as new models seem to appear any time of the year (which I just noticed). I just bought a 2015 Forester in June, for example, which means the time to get a bargain would have been April-May.


I think that doesn't apply anymore, as new models seem to appear any time of the year (which I just noticed). I just bought a 2015 Forester in June, for example, which means the time to get a bargain would have been April-May.

True…I bought my 1990 Pathfinder in February of 1990…In March of 1990 - Ford introduced the Ford Explorer (1991 Model year).

For the most part though…most companies will start selling a new model during the fall. There are exceptions. If you want a good deal then buy the previous model year when the new model year is introduced.

There’s also the desireability factor of the vehicle in question. Any car that is extremely popular at the time generally means the dealer will stick to a price and they will be much more hard-nosed with any negotiation.

My youngest son called a few days ago and was seriously considering buying a 2013 Camaro at the Chevy dealer for a premium price.
That’s currently on hold because some answers haven’t been cleared up. The car was sold new in Oct. of 2012, only has a measly 2k miles on it, and has been sitting on the lot for 3 months after passing through an auction.
Something kind of stinks there in spite of the clean Carfax and AutoCheck.

If the Avalon you want is 200 miles away, why not buy it at that dealer? You can negotiate a price over the internet and make the purchase contingent on a test drive of the exact car you want. You never have to go back to that dealer again after you buy the car. Any warranty work that might occur can be done at any Toyota dealer.

I like @Docnuck. 'S suggestion about current models. At least in the north during these snowiest months, and on snowy days fallowing several snow storms, dealers sales managers get sick of sending their salesmen out to clean off cars that they owe money on with no customers. The last two cars we bought were in Jamuary and the sales manager was begging us to buy the car. When I initially asked for a bunch of free options prior to a storm, they called me after and just said,"we’ll give you anything you want, we’ll sell you the car."
That kind of struck a note with me. It really helps too being retired and shopping when they are least busy and you know they are not selling cars.

Well, I can get one for $4k below list (38>>34), so I guess I’ll gopher it.

Now through early next year is a good time to buy a 2014 model. Especially if they are switching to a new design in 2015. Let the 2015’s owner’s iron out the bugs for the manufacturer, do the beta testing. You instead go with the now well-tested final production year of the prior design.

It’s hard to say when to pull the trigger exactly. For lowest price I mean. It depends on the model’s availability and on the demand. On a low demand car that has lots of copies sitting on the lot waiting to be sold, better to wait until early next year. On a model that has few cars on the lot and folks wanting to buy it, better to buy now.