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Buying a 2011 Prius

How important do you think getting the extra security system is for this car. I have heard it is hard to steal a hybrid. Any other advice on necessary or unnecessary features appreciated.

Have you driven a Fusion Hybrid? I would pass on the extra cost alarm. They are usually more trouble than they are worth…

I would decline all options, packs, warranties, etc. that are offered/pushed on you at the closing for the deal. They will all be way overpriced. Unless car theft is a major problem where you live I wouldn’t get an extra security system.

Are You Selling Or Trading Your 2009 Camry Hybrid And Replacing It With The Little Prius Or Is This A Second Or Third Car ?

Are you trying to save money on gasoline or are you trying to save the planet ?

The extra money involved in buying these hybrids probably results in a higher cost than what you’d save on fuel economy. Producing a hybrid for you to buy is probably more harmful to the planet than a conventional, simpler car, especially one you already own.

What are you driving now ? It’s sometimes more cost effective and better for the environment to keep and drive what you already have.

Don’t opt for any alarms unless the discount for having that extra security measure that is given by your insurer pays you back. You may want to call your agent.


Who in their right mind is going to steal a Prius?


Who in their right mind would steal a Cavalier? I think it’s about the parts. Maybe thieves might want to start a black market in hybrid batteries. I don’t know that there is a market for stolen hybrid batteries, but that would be one reason to do it.

There isn’t such a market yet, and probably won’t be (why buy a used battery when you can buy new, and you can already afford a hybrid?) and no one steals to create a market, they steal to service an existing market.

Seems like the most-stolen list has not much to do with the ‘neatest car’ list. Lots of Accords, etc - here’s the list from Lojack for 2010 (2009):

  1. Honda Accord (2)
  2. Honda Civic (1)
  3. Toyota Camry (3)
  4. Acura Integra (4)
  5. Cadillac Escalade (5)
  6. Toyota Corolla (6)
  7. Ram pickup (New)
  8. Nissan Altima (8)
  9. Nissan Maxima (New)
  10. Chevrolet Tahoe (7)
  1. Nickel is currently trading at $12/# or so.

  2. The Prius Ni-MH battery pack weighs 120#. (Granted it’s not all nickel).

Sounds like profit motive to me!

I would say having expensive parts/parts that are in demand would explain half of the list. The other half is statistics, any car that has sold more will have a higher number of hits because there are more of them. That’s why you don’t see Maserati on that list. If I had one, this statistics would not give me any comfort.

For the love of God, I will never understand what people see in these cars. They are gimmicky cars that aren’t particularly green when you figure in the materials used and manufacturing processes, and don’t get much better mileage than any other economy car, unless you drive all city miles. Factor in the high cost and eventual replacement of the battery pack if you keep it more than 5 years, and you’re upside down already.

Sorry for the rant. I wouldn’t spend money on the extra security system. If you live in a neighborhood bad enough to warrant having one, you’d be better off with spending money on secure parking or buying a beater instead.

Oh, give it 100k miles and you’re far from upside down. I chose a 40 mpg hybrid over a 20 mpg regular car. (no, I’m not going to buy a Yaris/etc). That choice saves $10,000 over 100k at $4/gallon.

And feels great at every fillup.

don’t get much better mileage than any other economy car, unless you drive all city miles.

Really? EPA lists Prius at 51 city/48 MPG highway.

Can you list ANY other gasoline only powered vehicle economy or other wise that even approaches 40 MPG on the highway. A Prius is approaching 50 MPG.

The battery and hybrid systems has coverage for 8yrs/100,000 miles. I think Toyota should bump that figure to 8yrs/150k myself.

Oblivion…Where did you pull those FACTS from??? You’re way off base.

For many people I’ll agree a Hybrid isn’t worth it. But if you have the right commute and plant on keeping the vehicle for 5+ years and you average more then 20k miles a year…the Prius could save you a lot of money over the long-run

Please show me the gas powered car it’s size that comes close to it’s gas mileage.

Please show me your data that says the Batteries only last 5 years.

I have a 2000 Honda Insight, granted not a Prius but the principle’s similar. Finally after 11 years my battery went to NiMH heaven and I needed to find a solution. From Honda a “new” battery was $4k, however since there are no actual new batteries from Honda what I would be getting is a battery with cells culled from other warranty packs.

Knowing that the whole battery doesn’t necessarily go bad since it’s made of individual cells I didn’t believe I needed a whole new battery.

There are a few places around who rebuild hybrid battery packs, the need is becoming real as more cars go out of their warranty period. Out of the 20 sticks in my battery (6 cells to a stick) 9 of them needed replacing and the rest were fine. I live in AZ so the heat is hard on batteries.

I got my battery pack back after 2 weeks for a cost of $800.

I bought this car used a few years ago and have put about 40k miles on it, the average mileage over that period is 65mpg. I know I could do better but I really can’t be bothered to get too involved in hypermiling and I just drive it.

My commute is 75 miles a day (round trip), gas is my second largest household expense (after food) so I love my gimmicky car which doesn’t get much better mileage than any other economy car even though most of my mileage is highway.

“…and no one steals to create a market, they steal to service an existing market.”

I agree. But a black market could be created where a legitimate market already exists.

Same with Ferrari/Lambo. You report it stolen and you could probably visit a dozen forums and find someone took a picture or 3 of it on their street driving by; easy to find

Not selling the camry hybrid. just giving old camry to son and buying second hybrid.thanks for all your good feedback.

You’re dreaming. The only customers would be people who had had their batteries stolen. The supply of stolen batteries would exceed the demand for stolen batteries because most people would get new ones through their insurance or by buying them new.

Please show me your data that says the Batteries only last 5 years.

The data is the length of the warranty on the batteries. What is it?