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End of life for typical Prius compared to an ICE?

Toyota Prius has been around long time that there are some would have driven to the ground.

I also notice as it puts miles, people are reluctant to buy (dealers too if the issue is Motor Generator).

So wonder the lifetime of a typical Prius compared to a ICE?
How many miles people put on it before retiring it?
What issues on the car caused people to retire it?
Does it make financial sense compared to an ICE?
Anything else?

Is that the 3k$ battery replacement that might be and end of life after the warranty is up? It is a crapshoot either way you go.

It all depends on the service either one receives . Some will go a long time and others will not. Buying new will make your chance of long term use better. Also you can make either one last for a long time if you are willing to keep making repairs no matter the cost.

They’ve proven to be great. Folks still are concerned with buying used ones. Typical life much greater than the warranty period.

$1950 at a dealer next to me, self-installation will take an hour, two max, new non-OEM packs available for $1200 and more with warranty

my bill to repair battery was under $200, replaced few cells, where only 2 out of 28 were absolute must to replace, going strong at 14 years and 121K miles

age takes more toll on battery than mileage, out of NYC taxi cabs data

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A m/c said that the touch screen failed (customer’s) and wiping out all the savings they made on gas!

As far as hybrid battery technology goes . . . Toyota seems to be the best

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a used Prius

On the other hand, there’s no way I would ever consider a used Civic Hybrid

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Why not?
If u check online, no one selling their Civic Hybrid - because they like it

You’re certainly entitled to your opinion

We have Civic Hybrids and Priuses of the same vintage in our fleet

In my opinion . . . based on my experience as a long-time professional mechanic . . . the Civic Hybrid was a big pile of . . . well, I’m sure you know what I mean

The fuel economy was pretty good, but not much better than a regular Civic

And the Civic Hybrid batteries were a cruel joke

The Prius was so much better in many ways

Nothing to do with it being a hybrid, plenty of cars have touch screens.


we had a new 2012 prius. i did not buy it. no issues during our time with it. but OP is not asking about new performance. we put 25k miles on it in 3 yrs. would i buy a 10yr old prius with 80k miles? maybe. how about 200k miles? maybe not. it does have a cvt trans. have not heard about trans/motor issues. everyone talks about battery issues. if at all.

The CVT trans on the Prius is not the same design as the ones using moving cones, and hasn’t been troublesome.

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What is an ICE?

ICE ---- Internal Combustion Engine

Thanks. It all makes sense now! :face_with_monocle:

Which is a sad decline for Honda considering how much better the Insight was than the Prius in the early days.

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Are you referring to the 2-seater? How was it better?

The Prius with all its fancy hybrid technology and sacrifices in the name of efficiency couldn’t top a 1988 CRX HF, whereas the Insight blew it out of the water.

The Insight was 61mpg city/70 highway. The Prius was 42/41.

The Prius was(is) bigger than the Insight and seated 4 people.
Apples & oranges.

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At the time it wasn’t, really, because they were the only two hybrids on the road. People were buying them as commuter cars, and if they were using them as commuter cars they were most likely primarily single-occupant vehicles, at which point a back seat is superfluous.