Busted Odessey Rear Lens


Someone backed into my 2002 Honda Odessey and broke the lenses mounted into the rear 1/4 panel (not the door). Does anyone know how I can access the housing to make a temporary repair with colored tape until I can get the part? I need to remove the housing and wrap it with red/yellow cellophane (which I have bought) and put the housing back. I can’t find screws or interior access. Around here the cops will ticket me in a minute.


Pitt Cairn

From what I can tell from what I’ve looked at, there are two screws located under the weather seal for the rear hatch. And a third screw located on the lower part of the tail light where it wraps around the quarter panel. And if that’s the case, that end of the rear bumper has to be lowered to access this screw.


Honda’s are SOOOO great…

Check out Rockauto.com. There seems to be after market tail light assemblies available for $41.00 plus shipping for your Odyssey

Thanks, got it.


Thanks. This I can repair myself when I get the parts, unlike most of the rest of the vehicle.

Pitt Cairn

“Honda’s are SOOOO great…”

It’s nice to know that my GM and Ford cars aren’t the only ones to make stuff difficult to get to. The lights aren’t among the tough reaches, though. I’ll have to check my Accord to see if my rear and side lights are equally as difficult to reach.