Business Deal

Hi There,

I am from the Middle East, I would like to buy a car from Copart or and biding website, then sell it in my country.
But I found some problems in those websites like, they need a business license or broker.

Does anyone has experience in buying and selling a car, So I can deal with him.


You need to contact an import company in your country where ever that is because no one on the web can help you . Way to many legal items involved.

Thank you for your replay

Why it is legal!
The way I want that man who is in USA buy a car from that websites and then i buy it from hem with good benefits

You apparently have no idea what you are trying to do . And you will not find anyone here that will do that for you . Also unless it is a valuable collector vehicle you will be wasting your money. Just find something you like in what ever country you are in with local support.

Also most people will put your request in the same category as the Nigerian Prince trying to hide money.

Then register at Copart as a private international individual buyer, no licenses or broker required.

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