Auto parts from Copart cars

I would like to buy a car from Copart, which are intended for parts.
Where can I find a recycling company that can legally disassemble this car and ship it in parts?
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Is this really a serious question ? Why not have the entire wrecked vehicle shipped to you . I can’t even imagine just how expensive it would be to pay someone to disasemble , pack the parts and then ship it to you. And what are you going to do with the parts you don’t need ?


Yes, its really serious question :wink:
Parts are to go to Europe, where the law prohibits the re-use of certain parts (for example car skeleton) therefore they must be recycled in the US.
If I send the whole car, I will pay a lot of taxes in Europe, so it is more profitable to disassemble the car in the US.
That’s why I’m looking for a company that deals with it.

This reminds me of the old MAS*H episode where Klinger tries to ship a Jeep home piece by piece.

The problem I see is that if it’s a unibody car, as most are these days, you will still end up shipping an entire car body.


The car body unfortunately has to be recycled and stay in the US as it would have to be cut. I can only ship parts that can be unscrewed. These are the regulations in Europe.

Offhand, I do not see how this is feasible at all. It’s not just the cost of the wrecked/disabled car from Copart.

The additional cost of shipping all of that stuff combined with the cost of paying someone to disassemble everything and pack it would be beyond enormous.

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Also some US parts might not match the same name parts on an European vehicle . It seems that it would be simpler to get a part from a local salvage and just ship that part frieght collect .

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If you think this is a way to make money, I’d forget about it. If this is to get parts, it would be easier to work with a junkyard directly for the parts you want. is a central site for hundreds of them.


Obviously all the costs have to be added up and they will be huge, but still, it pays off.
I know that in our country parts from such cars are imported and therefore I am asking if anyone knows where I can disassemble the car? I would like to buy whole cars disassembled into parts and ship in a sea container, I am not interested in individual parts.

The whole idea is simply absurd.


Every year, around 100.000 shipping containers with cars and car parts arrive in Europe from the US, so what’s absurd in that?

What is absurd is the idea of buying car(s) here, parting them out, and shipping the parts out of the country. The idea of exporting complete cars, either for resale, or to strip for parts is not absurd, and is commonly done.

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Cars with the title “for parts” cannot be imported into Europe, such are the rules and it is a punishable offense. However, it is possible to import auto parts, so the only way is to disassemble the car in the states and ship it like auto parts. Such packages of parts (from whole cars) are imported to Europe and it is common with us. I’m just looking for a company that can recycle these cars.

I doubt if you can find one because even the salvage yards in the US don’t disasemble the vehicles until some one actually wants a part that is on one as a rule . As I asked before what are you going to do with the parts nobody wants and how are you going to know if the parts are usable. You are dreaming if you think you can make money this way.

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I think someone need a check up from the neck up.


I can’t imagine that the taxes to ship a whole car are less than paying somebody to totally strip a car down to the last bolt, and then package those parts into a shipping container.


I can’t answer that directly, but having friends and relatives in Europe I can tell you that some of the taxes, tariffs, and regulations they have are unbelieveably burdensome.


I could see this as a business opportunity. I would suggest working a deal with an auto parts recycler located near a Copart and a port. There are auto recyclers that strip cars the moment they get them and sell the parts over Ebay. You might be able to swing a volume deal on specific cars. Fill up a sea-container and ship them over for you to resell. That will take some searching and calling and maybe a trip to the US on your part.

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Please explain you mean by “to go”? Or do you mean they are to be mailed from the USA to Europe?

Your post reminds me of two things: First, the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Newman collect empty soda cans in NY City, where the refund value is 5 cents, with the idea of making a profit by delivering them to Michigan, where the refund value is 10 cents. That’s fiction of course. Second, and this one is non-fiction, in order to restore Ernest Hemmingway’s car, a 1959 Chrysler as I recall, located in Havana, the replacement parts had to be mailed from the USA to the UK, and from there, mailed back to Cuba. This was necessary b/c of import/export restrictions between the USA and Cuba, due to a long-standing political feud about which few if anybody outside of politics cares.

I understand your desire to avoid the European “junk costs” but the fact is that the replacement part market is already an internet connected international market.

i.e. If I need a fender for a 2005 Mercedes, my lowest cost after shipping and taxes will be the same if I get it from Belgium where they charge for scrapping cars or South Carolina where they don’t.

Put another way, if I’m a South Carolina recycle yard and I can get $250 for a MB fender in Belgium because of their Scrapping Tax or $200 in the US without $51 in shipping/customs/handling costs, I’m gonna sell it for $200 in the US.

Sorry to say it but the reality is that I’ve found that I can buy more used non-US car parts overseas cheaper than I can in the US simply because there’s more used parts available.


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