Broker assisted car buying, autobrokers?

Hey all. I was curious, because i’m looking for specific cars that are hard to find in my area (and really expensive regardless), but i was curious about the existence of car buying brokers.

Basically companies that assist you in purchasing a vehicle from dealers’ online listings, have the cars inspected/checked, negotiate pricing, assist with getting financing and getting the car shipped to you, etc. A place that will assist you with the whole process to get it to your front door. Even if they can’t do all of it like helping with financing, as long as they can do the rest of the whole process.

I’m sure i’m not the only one who’s thought of this, so something like this has to exist. I’m just not sure exactly what they’re called, how to tell if the place i’m asking does the above (because some of them will go ahead and try to sell you a car anyway).

Does anybody know of any companies like this or how to find them?

I expect such a service is available for high end makes. It’s probably a specialty field, folks doing it in their spare time as a side job, focusing on specific high-end car. They help the buyers and sellers match up. As far as how to find this sort of specialist, ask at dealership and repair shops the specialize in that make. Another idea, post adverts here and there saying you are selling one, and they’d likely contact you.

It does exist. In several forms. Google got me this to start you off…

There are many used car brokers in my area. One broker is a former coworker who started a broker/finance service during the 2009 recession. A customer describes the vehicle they want, he obtains a matching vehicle through an auction or dealer and sources the financing.

One broker posts over on Jalopnik, I’ve never used him but he seems to have good insight into the process:
Tom McParland (

Steve Serio is a longtime car broker and dealer with a passion for a variety of brands, depends on what you’re looking for but he can probably find one and arrange inspection and shipping.

So what it looks like i’m looking for is a car concierge for used cars. Car brokers look like they try to use their own inventory and source from dealers they have relationships with first. I’m looking for a place that searches all private and dealer online sales from across the country to find the best deal and assist with the purchase process.

Some concierges only deal with specialty, high end, or new cars too which makes it harder. Guess it’s just calling the few i found so far that deal with used cars and make sure they actually do that.

I wouldn’t call that person a broker.

There is a car broker near me. I drive past it fairly often, but I don’t know anyone who has patronized this place. For what it’s worth, he seems to deal mostly with used cars.

If you’re really going high end you might consider something like F40 Motorsports or other classic car dealers. They try to fulfill your wish list with their inventory first but will use their contacts to find what you want if it’s available. You didn’t classify your wish list and it’s hard to know what part of the market you are interested in.

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Not necessarily, my mom used a broker in 1993 to buy a low mileage 1992 Honda Civic LX with power windows, locks and CC but with a manual trans, my sone still has the car after being passed down to him for Graduating HS present… He was already driving it since 16yo anyway… lol

Parents used him (broker) due to both working a lot of hours with raising 3 boys, sometimes life makes it difficult to do things like shop for cars going car lot to car lot looking…

The broker found the vehicle, bought it after a once over, and had it properly check out and serviced and parent just had to pay him for his mark up (time and money), they got a great deal (or dad would not have done it, he could hold on to a nickel so tight it would make the Buffalo burp)…

But yes there are many High End car brokers that do specialize in classics and or 6+ figure vehicles out there…

CarMax will do this and even deliver the car for a test drive and you do not have to go to their location first and they will do this for an “unmet” customer…

They have been doing this for over 5-years here in Virginia and I imagine that most major cities and towns are included.

Perhaps, if the directions to your home include, “Drive down Route 107 until you see the Quickey-Mart sign, take your second Left, then when you get to the location where the Smith’s barn used to be, take the next Right, look for the big oak tree with a tire swing in it and then back up one driveway. We are the house with the old tractor out front with only one back wheel in the front yard. If I see ya, I’ll send the boy out to flag you down…” You might not get this service, but who knows?

I’m not looking for high end vehicles. That’s what i meant when I said some concierges only deal with specialty, high end or new cars. I’m looking for models that are used and common like Ford Explorers and Expeditions.

I’ve checked carmax before. They’re good at searching the details of a car you want, but they’re prices are way over even what a regular dealer would charge. Which is why i’m staying away from services like that which specialize in selling cars completely online.

If you live in a typical populated area, an auto broker will be able to locate a dozen Ford Explorers for sale nearby, no need to shop and transport nationwide.

Hopefully OP will be able to locate a good local auto broker & find the vehicle he wants. Best of luck. Doesn’t typing “auto brokers near me” in Google produce a long list?

The problem is, some of the initial “auto brokers” i’ve checked near me act more like dealers than they do independent brokers. They focus on inventory they currently have or can get from their own dealers or auctions. Instead of saying they would specifically look around the country for what i was looking for (which is hard to come by in my area), they threw a bunch of stuff at me they already had and haven’t stayed in contact.

There’s one here in town that’s a small used car dealer but also offers a locator service, if you give them an idea of what you’re looking for and if one of the 3 dealer auctions has it they’ll get it for you.

Dealer group that’s mostly 25mi south of us except for a VW and RV dealer here will also look around for the vehicle you’re having trouble finding. Co-worker bought his girlfriend’s car through them and they did an inspection and fixed the few things wrong with it. There have been services like you describe in the past but the only one not connected to a dealership closed operation at the end of last year.

Credit unions do offer a car buying service for new or used compared to Costco which only deals in new cars.