Flagrant disregard for the law

I just saw a commercial on TV (WMC-TV) for B and J Auto Sales in Olive Branch, MS. No one turned down. Cars, financing and insurance at one location. NO DRIVERS LICENSE NEEDED.

Sounds like a tote the note car lot (buy here pay here) that sells rebuilt titled vehicles that could have been put back together with bailing wire, zip ties and duct tape… But they sure look good… :rofl:

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Yeah, but not many tote the note lots can afford a TV commercial in the news hour on a major TV station. BTW, I checked their internet web site and it does not say anything about drivers license. Their web site indicates they sell upscale used cars but their facebook page shows run of the mill old used cars.

Are you saying a blind person can’t own a car?

No idea whether it is legal to sell a car to someone who doesn’t have a DL. It seems like that should be legal at least for some circumstances; for example a pre-DL 15 year old might want to buy a car and fix it up in their driveway, so when they turn 16 and get a DL they’ll be ready.

There’s a home-window replacement company in these parts that advertises on the radio almost daily , their replacement method is very gentle, can replace your windows without damaging the house. Even if your house was covered with potato chips, we wouldn’t break one. I got to thinking they actually mean that while they might crack a potato chip, they won’t crack the window … lol …

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Thanks for reminding me of Ray Charles and his Corvette.

Or a parent who is elderly and no longer drives could be purchasing a car for their adult child to drive them around. There is no reason a car PURCHASER needs a driver’s license.


That’s interesting. I wonder what demographic that would be aimed at. Maybe 14 or 15 year olds but they can’t legally contract.

I don’t understand the issue. My grandmother never had a driver’s license yet she owned a car that I would driver her around in.


That would be too young to have a suspended or revoked drivers license due to intoxicated driving or excessive traffic citations. I often see news reports of crashes involving drivers with no license, registration or insurance.

In this area, where this ad ran, if you are hit by another driver, there is almost a 70% chance that driver will have no license, no registration or insurance. 90% chance no insurance.

BTW, the ad ran on WREG and not WMC.

In MS, you can register a car from a private party or from out of state with only a state issued ID and no proof of insurance is required even though it says you must have insurance.

Sounds to mw like the state knows a lot of people are driving without licenses or insurance but they want their registration money anyway. Doesn’t sound like the law is being broken by the seller.

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Specifically, what law are you suggesting is being flagrantly disregarded?


Does your state have a law against buying a car without a DL?

In my state, you need a license to drive a car, not to buy one.

I know a guy too old to drive, but he still buys and fixes up motorcycles as a hobby.

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I wonder if the CEO of Hertz Car Rental has a driver’s license, that is a lot of cars.

I have had a license without lapses for close to 60 years. The question has never come up that I ca recall. If they wanted a license I think it would n
Be more in line for identification for the check. But for Minnesota, the answer would be who knows?

OK, the law does not require you to have a drivers license to buy a vehicle, but every dealer I’ve been to make a xerox copy of you license before they let you test drive any of their vehicles. They also use it to run a credit check on you while you are on the test drive.

But in my defense, you would have to see this commercial. The context to me was a little alarming. I have not seen it run since and I went to their web site and facebook site and there was nothing about “No license needed”, at least not at the time I looked. They also did not run that ad on their web site.