Burning wheel

I have just replaced my rear drivers side Wheel bearings/hub. and put on new rotors and breaks. And now when I drive it for a long period of time with alot of stoping and going, I can smell and see smoke. coming off said wheel, the rotors are almost cherry hot. this can not be normal.

My brother had droved the care before and he burnt up my last wheel bearings that I have replaced, it was so hot it discolored the rims.

No, this is not normal.
Before you wind up with a conflagration that consumes the car, I suggest that you have the car towed to the shop that did the work.

That brake rotor is now beyond hope and will need to be replaced, and depending on whether the brake pads are dragging or the rear bearing is dry, either the brake pads or the bearing on that wheel will also have to be replaced.

As VDC said, have the car towed to a reputable shop. Or, if a shop did the described work, back to that shop.

Do not drive this car. Brake fluid can boil and your brakes fail totally, or the bearing could easily seize and the wheel lock up, causing an accident. Since the wheel got hot enough to smoke, it’s also very possible that you’ve severely weakened other parts by severely overheating them and the damaged parts could fail.

This car is unsafe to drive. My redundancy is intentional for emphsis. Have the car towed.

Make it three votes for towing the car to a mechanic. The brakes could fail completely. The car is unsafe in its current condition.

PLEASE don’t drive it the way it is.