Burning Odor from the front driver side wheel

Hello, I have 1994 bmw 318i sedan and recently after I drive 3 or 4 miles and stop the car, I am getting the burning smell from the front wheel. I don’t notice any sort of brake problems such as dragging etc…brake pads are perfectly fine, and the disc and rotors seems to be fine as well. Any idea of what could cause the burning smell, much appreciated your response. Thanks :slight_smile:

Is the wheel hot to the touch? How about the brake caliper?

I think you have a frozen brake caliper (most likely) or a bad wheel bearing. There’s not much else that can cause a burning smell in the wheel well.

Another possibility is a crimped brake line, which keeps pressure on the brake even when you are applying pressure to the pedal.

after you drive the 4 miles or so; touch the wheel rim. (in the center, near the bolts, you may have to remove any plastic wheel covers ) BUT BE CAREFUL IT"S HOT. if it is really hot; you do have a hanging brake cylinder or a bad bearing. do the brakes make any special noise when stopping?

does the car make a particular noise when cornering? either way, left or right?

is there a noise that has been happening, BUT goes away or changes when you apply the brakes?

more info would help? noises?, how long since last brake job?, any other repairs lately?

The wheel doesn’t get hot, i will to check the brake caliper though. There is no noises or anything abnormal. I put in the complete brake set a year ago, new brake disc, rotor and caliper and pads. It could be the brake line per your comment, and not sure where to check it, I will have to take it in to the mechanic and see what they find, thanks for the replies guys…take care :slight_smile:

Another problem you may be having is that your brake line may be partialy clogged and not allowing your caliper to retract properly. Just a thought.

It is also possible there is a leak of some kind on that side and it does not directly involve the wheel.