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2002 dodge Durango 6.9 R/T

I had my bearings replaced 3 weeks ago. And about 1 week later after 40 mons in stop and go traffic I started smelling this hot metal and rubber smell. Then my breaks got really tight when I pressed the paddle. Is this related to having my bearings replaced, what could be causing this to happen every time I am in the car 40 mins or more. It’s happened 4 times now and the first time it started smoking. I’m really nervous to drive my truck in stop and go traffic.

The brake hardware is usually removed or re-positioned when doing a wheel bearing replacement. That should all be put back on where it was and shouldn’t have any effects on the brakes after the job is done. I expect the brake hardware hasn’t been put back on correctly or, if drums, is mis-adjusted. After you drive for a half mile or so, pull over and feel the wheels. Are any of them really hot? Careful when doing this, as if the brakes are stuck partially on, the wheels can get very hot. This is something that needs immediate att’n. If a car won’t go, that is one thing, if it won’t stop, that is something all together different.

I agree it’s a brake issue. Is it just one side? They may have pinched the brake hose and it’s not allowing the fluid to escape the caliper.

Check for an unusually hot wheel hub after driving or when this occurs. Most likely brakes, but possibly a badly installed wheel bearing.