Burned Cooling Fans Connector

2001 Chevy Venture: Pins to 2nd fan in 4 pin connector burned and melting to connector. Fan seemed to work when wiggling connector. Bypassed connector and now does not work unless A/C is turned on Full Speed. Is connector important? What controls fans? Computer controlled? Seems to be larger gauge wire in one side than the other. Any thoughts?

This is generally due to age and a higher than normal current draw by the fan motor.
In other words, the fans are working but worn and should be replaced along with performing a repair on the wiring.

It’s also possible to have poorly fitting connector pins and this can also cause burning due to the much higher electrical resistance in the circuit.
An ammeter can be used to check fan motor current draw. I do not know what the draw should be on this vehicle so often one has to just wing it.
My feeling is that if the motor is pulling 20 amps, give or take, it’s worn.

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