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A/C Blower Rectifier and Wiring Harness

I have a 2006 Silverado 2500HD. The interior fan/blower motor stopped working. The 3rd rectifier “C” pin has burned as well as the wiring harness pin. Is there a fix for this? I know I have to get a new rectifier. Will I need a new harness? Do you know why this happened in the first place?

You are confusing me with “rectifier”. Do you mean resistor? There is a TSB that covers the problem you are having S.I. 05-01-38-012A. GM wants the mechanic to replace the connector at the end of the harness. They don’t state a reason for the failure (I could come up with my own).

Thanks for the reply. I did mean resistor. Are you familiar with the unit that has a red and black wire that goes to the blower motor and has 3 resistors soldered to some sort of light green transformer or something!!! The pin burned off of the unit and in the wiring harness. Is the unit a dealer only part and how far will I have to trace back the harness to get to the next connector. Did I cause this problem from starting the truck with the fan switch in setting 4 or 5?

Not familar with the part you are describing but I have never seen a resistor block for that late model of a truck. You did not cause the problem. GM acknowledges the problem and has given mechanics a “heads up” to save them diagnostic time.

I found this which looks like the answer to my problem. It shows the exposed side from under the dashboard, not the resistors and the other part that I tried to describe. Thanks for your input.