High Speed on Heat/AC Fan

Hello, Position 5 (high) on the 2001 Chevy Venture’s heat and A/C fan no longer works. Is this a relay or fuse that can be easily replaced? Do I have to get it from the dealer?

Thanks in advance!

Looking at the schematics for your Venture it shows a “Blower motor relay” as part of the “Blower Motor Resistor Assembly”. Power is supplied from a 30A circuit breaker at contact G. Verify that you have 12 volts there. If so the breaker is probably OK. Your next stop would be a GM parts dept. (Or maybe a boneyard.)

How the fan speeds work in your vehicle is, on all speeds other than high, the voltage passes through a resistor block. When the fan is switched to the high position, the fan motor recieves full battery voltage.

On some vehicles there’s a component called a high speed fan relay. What this does is it switches between the lower speeds and the high speed. If your vehicle has a high speed fan relay, this would be the first component to suspect.